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Four wheels move the body.  Two wheels move the soul. 
~Author Unknown

 Keep your bike in good repair:  motorcycle boots are not comfortable for walking. 
~Author Unknown


CycleMaster Motorcycles


"A second class motorcycle is better than a first class walk" - Jon "The Wizard" Barnes


Whether you straddle a vintage Triumph Bonneville or mold to a modern day Suzuki Hayabusa , as long as you aspire to the adage that everything is better in the wind, you're more than welcome at CycleMaster.


If you need a simple oil change, a quick tune-up, some custom accessories added, some performance related work done, or an entire engine rebuild, CycleMaster’s accredited staff  will get the job done in a timely manner and at a fair price.


If you and your buddy, or your sister’s boyfriend’s buddy, worked on your bike and you wound up with more headaches than you started with, give us a call.  At CycleMaster we live for these little challenges and take pride in putting things right for you and your “baby”.


We take pride in passing our second-to-none service approach and our small town overhead on to our customers.  We are just a touch off the “beaten path,” but come on down - the drive will be worth your while: guaranteed!